Webinar: Board Burnout, Culture, Mindset and Strategic Conversations

17 April 2:00am - 3:00am

Mental health and bullying are hot topics in the media, but there is lesser understood concept that is equally destructive to a director’s state of mind and well-being.

Many board members juggle volunteer board roles, full-time day jobs and family commitments.

Just as common are CEO's who feel like they don't have any more rabbits to pull out of the hat -- they're often under increasing pressure to do more with less year on year.

These conditions create ‘Board Burnout’.

In this webinar, Jodie exposes the tell-tale warning signs of burnout, how to prevent it and the importance of culture on the board to foster healthy dynamics and choice making.

This is relevant for existing directors, Board and committee Chairs and senior executives.

Jodie will guide you through the ways to have strategic conversations about these difficult topics and how to effect positive change.

Jodie’s experience with multiple Boards and governance committees provides a wealth of practical and time-tested techniques.


$125 AUD registration fee

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